”A kid from Oakland believing in fairytales… ”

Notis: Denna text skrevs initialt för vårat Instagram konto, där vi uteslutande skriver på engelska. Eftersom texten blev för lång så publiceras den här istället. Då vi inte såg en möjlighet att översätta texten och bevara dess flöde och prosa, så har vi valt att publicera den på engelska.

In an already atrocious and heartbreaking year. That has been filled with bigotry, violence and a brutal pandemic. The loss of Chadwick Boseman further highlights the never ending tragedy of our everyday life. A tragedy which so many of us has been forced to endure recently. I’ve often said that the only thing that has kept me going through these turbulent and dark times has been art. Having the privilege of subterfuge in fictional worlds of storytellers and my relationship with my friends and family, has been the one constant that has enabled me to keep going in a world where tolerance, understanding and kindness, doesn’t seem to be prioritized anymore. Films, music, comics and other artistic forms of expression, has allowed me – and so many others, to gain some momentary shelter from a world that seems more and more alien to us. A world where we let xenophobia, fear and simplification of difficult matters, degrade us to hate and intolerance. If not for Marvel Studios and their beautiful work, which has given so many of us a platform, where we can be united, regardless of skin color, political affiliations or opinions. I don’t see how I could have mentally endured these last few years. 

Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman, gifted us a movie that both thrilled, touched and moved an entire generation of moviegoers. Not only in its grand spectacle, but also in its deeply profound and heartfelt view of the world. A world which we should all strive for. A place where respect and empathy is put above personal vendettas and petty grovels. The finale, where T’Challa defeats his nemesis Erik Killmonger is – in my opinion, one of the most powerful moments in all of cinema. In that moment, Killmonger surrenders his hate and pain, and instead reminisces about his childhood. Where he describes himself a kid from Oakland who only believed in fairytales. 

Chadwick Boseman gave us all a way into that fairytale world. A fictional world we where ascended our differences. A place where the characters stood for integrity and decency. The passing of Boseman is the end of an all too short era. An era in which sisterhood and brotherhood, became a tad more true and present in our world. But as the king himself said, ’’death is not the end…’’. The legacy of Boseman lives on, and its now up to all of us to preserve and guard that legacy. We will do that through our passions, love and belief in creativity and expression. Wakanda may not exist in our world, but it will always be a part of our hearts. We must do everything in our power to never let go of our beliefs in fairy tales, even when the storyteller is no longer able to tell his story. Chadwick Boseman may no longer be with us – physically, but his deeds and gifts to the world will never leave us.